Community Health Centers and Hospitals

In the Phoenix area, the Bayless Healthcare Group is working with REACH faculty to integrate the Family Check-Up into its service delivery system and to increase the accessibility of evidence-based interventions for low-income families. The Family Check-Up is also being integrated into the service delivery systems of three human service agencies in South Carolina: Children's Place, Parenting Place, and A Child's Haven. These three agencies integrated the Family Check-Up into their service system to promote the use of evidence-based services to support safe, nurturing, and healthy families and have trained more than 20 providers in the model. In a previous study of the use of the Family Check-Up in three community mental health centers in Oregon, implementation fidelity for the Family Check-Up was high and families demonstrated improvement on targeted outcomes, evidencing that the Family Check-Up has the capacity for a large-scale public health impact.

More than 50 providers across several agencies and four counties in Arizona have completed the required training to lead groups for the New Beginnings Program. These agencies include Southern Arizona Mental Health Corporation in Tucson, Easter Seals Blake Foundation in Tucson and Yuma, and Arizona Behavioral Health Associates in Flagstaff. Providers at Southwest Human Development in Phoenix are also trained and currently implementing the New Beginnings Program. These community agencies began implementing the New Beginnings Program in the context of a randomized clinical trial and, because of high levels of provider and family program satisfaction, they continue to offer the program to families they serve.

Drs. Cady Berkel and Tom Dishion have also been working with Phoenix Children's Hospital to integrate the Family Check-Up into general pediatric primary care to increase family access to high-quality behavioral health services. The Family Check-Up Team has also conducted pilot implementations and evaluations at Phoenix Children's Hospital of an adapted version of the Family Check-Up for families with children at risk for obesity and diabetes to engage parents in behavior change that will improve the physical health of their children.