Funded Grants

Early Family Prevention of Adolescent Alcohol, Drug Use and Psychopathology
NIDA Grant 1R01DA036832
Investigators: D. Shaw, T. Dishion, K. Lemery-Chalfant, M. Wilson & L. Leve
Total Funding: $7,636,476
Funding Period: 05/01/14-04/30/19

Optimizing a Drug Abuse Prevention Program for Dissemination
NIDA Grant 1R01DA035855
Investigators: N. Gonzales, L. Dumka, N. Eisenberg, L. Luecken, A. Mauricio, J.Y. Tein, & E Winslow
Total Funding: $3,892,105
Funding Period: 06/1/14-05/31/19

Implementation of Evidence-Based Preventive Parenting Programs
NIDA Grant 5R01DA033991
Investigators: C. Berkel & A. Mauricio. 2013-2017
Total Funding: $2,480,228
Funding Period: 06/15/13-03/31/18

Effectiveness Trial of Methods for Engaging Parents into Parenting Interventions
NIDA Grant 5R01DA033352
Investigator: E. Winslow
Total Funding: $3,229,140
Funding Period: 01/01/13-12/31/17

Relationship Dynamics and Young Adult Drug Use and Abuse
NIAAA Grant 5R01AA022071
Investigators: T. Dishion, A. Caruthers, & K. Chronister
Total Funding: $1,857,367
Funding Period: 05/23/13-08/31/17

Development, Ecology, and Prevention of Adult Addictive Behavior 
(Project Alliance)
NIDA Grant 5R01DA007031
Investigators: T. Dishion & D. Dick
Total Funding: $2,211,517
Funding Period: 09/01/13-05/31/16

Multi-court Trial of NBP to Prevent Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders
NIDA Grant 5R01DAO26874
Investigators: I. Sandler, S. Wolchik, J. Y. Tein, C., E. Winslow, N. Gonzales, & C. Berkel
Total Funding: $5,102,617
Funding Period: 02/01/11-01/31/16

Ecological Approach to Family Intervention and Treatment (ECO-FIT) Integrated with PBS: An Effectiveness Trial in Middle Schools
IES Grant R324A090111
Investigators: J. Seeley, T. Dishion, & E. Stormshak
Award Amount: $468,290
Funding Period: 03/01/09-02/28/15

Impact of the Family Bereavement Program Fifteen Years Later
NIMH Grant 5R01MH049155
Investigators: I.N. Sandler, T.S. Ayers, S.A. Wolchik, J-Y. Tein, L. Leucken, & M. Shiota Total Funding: $2,783,026
Funding Period: 08/15/10-03/31/15

School-based Prevention for Childhood Anxiety
NIMH Grant 5K01MH086687
Investigator: A. Pina
Total Funding: $357,801
Funding Period: 06/01/10-02/28/15

Recently Ended Grants

Culture, Context and Mexican American Mental Health (I)
NIMH Grant 5R01MH068920
Investigators: M. Roosa, N. Gonzales, G. Knight, J.Y. Tein, & A. Umańa-Taylor
Total Funding: $6,821,513
Funding Period:  2003-2013

Effects of a Preventive Intervention for Mexican Origin Adolescents
NIMH Grant RO1 MH064707.
Principal Investigators: N. Gonzales, L. Dumka & R. Millsap. 
Total Funding: $ 2,870,645 
Funding Period: 2007-2012

Preventive Intervention for Mexican American Adolescents
NIMH Grant RO1 MH064707.
Principal Investigators: N. Gonzales, L. Dumka & R. Millsap. 
Total Funding: $3,884,128
Funding Period: 2001-2006