• Caroline Christopher

    Caroline is an NIMH T32 post-doctoral fellow at the ASU REACH Institute. Caroline's overall goal is to better understand how individuals are affected by their close relationships. Her main focus is adolescent depression, but she also has a broader interest studying the role of family and friends in children’s healthy versus maladaptive social-emotional development from infancy to adolescence. Through her research in this area, she has examined precursors of the development of psychopathology in middle childhood and adolescence, and theory-based mechanisms that help to explain the relationship between parental depression and adolescent depression, and peer depression and adolescent depression.

  • William Pelham

    As a doctoral student in the clinical psychology program, working with Dr. Dishion, Will is interested in the development, testing, and optimization of interventions, particularly for externalizing problems. His current project involves examining a large trial of an early childhood family-based intervention (Early Steps) to determine what characterized those families that did not engage in treatment, as well as what characterized those that engaged, but did not respond. Will graduated from Dartmouth University in 2014 with a B.A. in psychology.