Family Check-Up® For Providers

Family Check-Up® is a federally registered trademark owned by the University of Oregon.

An Evidence-Based Intervention to Promote Positive Child Outcome

The Family Check-Up receives high acceptability ratings with agencies and providers because it is a strengths-based, ecological, and adaptive framework that can be used with any family. Because the Family Check-Up can be tailored to the needs of any family. The Family Check-Up can be used in many service settings, including community mental health, publicly funded health centers, hospitals, and Native American tribal communities.

The Family Check-Up model offers an initial and organizing framework for family-centered interventions. This framework aids in case conceptualization and fits well as an organizing service for combining psychopharmacological treatment with behavioral services that improve parents’ and other caregivers’ skills in managing child behavior problems.

Training and Certification

We offer in-person and online training in the Family Check-Up. Trained providers can work with consultants towards certification in the Family Check-Up. Learn more about training and certification in the Family Check-Up.

Online assessment and scoring

The Family Check-Up assessments can be administered and scored online using any mobile device with internet access.

Used by over 300 providers globally

The Family Check-Up is a brief, strengths-based model that can be tailored to any family to achieve results, making it a highly used and well-liked model among providers that work with families.

Funded by the NIH and IES

Over 30 years of research funded by the National Institutes of Health and Institute of Education Science shows that the Family Check-Up works across diverse populations and service settings.

“The Family Check Up Model is a highly effective evidenced based model to assist foster families in dealing with the challenges in raising foster children. The families I have worked with find it extremely helpful and have noticed significant positive changes in their interactions with their foster children... I would highly recommend this program to anyone working with children and families.”

Kevin McGrath
NV Department of Health and Human Services

“Family Check-Up's comprehensive assessment provides a great springboard for conversation about family strengths and needs. Moreover, the collaborative and motivational interviewing components are effective at engaging families and empowering them to capitalize on their own strengths to increase child and family well-being.”

Betty Lin
Family Check-Up Provider
Phoenix, AZ

"One thing that differentiates the Family Check Up from other parenting interventions is that the therapist does not take the role of expert to decide what changes the family should make. Rather, through videotaped feedback and ongoing discussion parents identify areas of improvement that are important to them. I have seen first-hand how this increases the family's buy-in and motivation to address change."

Zorash Montano
Psychology Practicum Student
Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Phoenix, AZ