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Implementation & Clinical Outcome Monitoring

The ASU REACH Institute recognizes the importance of monitoring implementation processes and clinical outcomes to provide the most effective service delivery possible.

  • Tracking implementation helps maintain fidelity and quality of delivery of evidence-based programs
  • Replicating positive program effects depends on fidelity and quality of program delivery
  • Monitoring targeted outcomes is necessary to ensure the program is demonstrating the expected outcomes

Scientists and staff at the ASU REACH Institute can consult with you to determine what is most important for you to measure and how to measure it. We know that community agencies, schools, and other organizations can have limited resources, and this can challenge capacity to adequately monitor implementation and outcomes. We developed a HIPPA-compliant web-based system to monitor implementation and outcomes of evidence-based programs effectively with limited resources.

For more information about ASU REACH Institute’s implementation and clinical outcome monitoring consultation and support services contact: Monique Lopez at