Resources & Training

Survey Data Collection

The collection of survey data is essential to the support of clinical services research. There are several methods for collecting data: by telephone, by mail, in-person, and by using online and mobile survey methods.

Recent technological advancements have made online and mobile application survey methods the preferred choice. The ASU REACH Institute offers community agencies consultation and support in broad-based survey research and data collection. We have extensive experience in all aspects of survey data collection, including:

  • sampling strategies
  • survey development
  • interviewing procedures
  • data management
  • respondent tracking to yield high response rates

The ASU REACH Institute has also developed a HIPAA-compliant, web-based system for community agencies and other ASU REACH Institute partners to collect data they need for program evaluation, quality assurance, or other purposes.

For more information about ASU REACH Institute’s survey data collection consultation and support services contact: Monique Lopez at