Resources & Training


Faculty at Arizona State University as well as at other universities and in the community are welcome to attend seminars and colloquia hosted at the ASU REACH Institute. Information about these may be found on our Events page or by contacting us.

Seminars and colloquia address a broad range of topics, such as economic evaluations of prevention programs and implementation of culturally grounded interventions. Additionally, early-career, post-doctoral researchers are invited to apply for the T32 Training Fellowship. Much of the research conducted at the ASU REACH Institute depends on the fruitful collaboration of our scientists with partners in other parts of the ASU community, with investigators throughout the US and abroad, and with service providers locally and globally.

If you are interested in meeting with one or more REACH Scientists about their work, please contact us.

If your research area is affiliated with the mission and work of the ASU REACH institute and you are interested in sharing your work with Scientists at the ASU REACH Institute, please contact us.