Research and Education Advancing Children’s Health

90% of proven behavioral and mental health interventions have yet to be used by practitioners in public and private health sectors. The ASU REACH Institute is changing that!

IOM, 2009

The ASU REACH Institute, within the Department of Psychology, bridges the gap between university-based research and practice to advance education, health, and well-being of children and families. We partner with scientists, policy makers, and community stakeholders locally and globally and across diverse service sectors, including schools, community mental health agencies and child welfare. Scientists at the ASU REACH Institute are leaders in prevention science who have led the way in the development and implementation of evidence-based prevention and treatment worldwide.

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Programs & Services

Family Check-Up

The Family Check-Up is a brief, parent-centered intervention designed to reduce children’s problem behavior by supporting positive parenting practices. The FCU is used in public schools, community mental health, and primary care for children and families.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings Program is a cost-effective parenting program that engages families dealing with issues of divorce and separation. It has been shown to have long term positive impacts on the mental health and social adaptation of children of divorced parents.

Family Bereavement

The Family Bereavement Program addresses the complex needs of children and families after the death of a parent. It has shown to have long term effects on mental health outcomes for parents and children. FBP has been implemented in collaboration with family hospice providers.

Bridges to High School
Bridges/Puentes is a school-based universal prevention program shown to promote school engagement and success and reduce high-risk health behaviors such as early age substance use.
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Resources & Training

  • Training & Continuing Education
  • Measures & Assessment Tools
  • Implementation & Clinical Outcome Monitoring
  • Survey Data Collection

Education, training, and programming for national and global communities

The ASU REACH Institute has partnered with a number of organizations to implement effective prevention and intervention programs. The ASU REACH Institute offers needs assessments and training for evidence-based interventions. The ASU REACH Institute also trains scientists interested in conducting community-based research.