The Amazing Me Program is an evidence-based program designed to help children ages 9 to 11 build self-esteem, body confidence, and eliminate weight-based bullying and teasing. This school-based curriculum satisfies national educational health requirements and provides tools for teachers to implement in 4th and 5th grade classrooms.

The Amazing Me program teaches students to be kind to themselves, their bodies, and others.


Funded by the Dove Self-Esteem Project, we are now partnering with schools across the nation to implement the curriculum in 4th and 5th-grade classrooms. With this study, our goal is to help children build self-esteem and body confidence. We also want to learn more about how the Amazing Me Program works with different educators, students, and classrooms.


The goals of the Amazing Me Program are to help children build self-esteem, body confidence, and eliminate bullying and teasing based on body weight, shape, or size. For more information, please check out our flyer.

Schools and districts interested in the curriculum should contact the Amazing Me Program Principal Investigator, Dr. Marisol Perez, at


Dove Self Esteem Project

Principal Investigator: M. Perez