If you are a parent currently participating in the ASSIST Study, who would like to access the online program, please click here.

The ASSIST Study, a collaboration among REACH, ASU Educational Outreach & Student Services, and the Department of Psychology, seeks to better understand the challenges students face as they move from high school into the college environment. The primary goal of ASSIST is to learn from ASU incoming students in order to develop a web-based prevention program that promotes strategies and tools for a successful college transition. ASSIST uses a multi-method approach, including twice-weekly diaries, questionnaires, focus groups, and academic records, to assess students and parents before, during, and after the transition to college to better understand the experiences and coping strategies that predict success and well-being. These data will directly inform the design of support services for parents and students in an effort to increase the likelihood of positive adjustment and decrease problematic behavior and drop out.

Investigators: William Corbin, Thomas Dishion, Leah Doane, and Thao Ha