Resources & Training

Training and Continuing Education

The ASU REACH Institute provides education, training, and on-line support in intervention services and assessment systems. The ASU REACH Institute focuses on families undergoing stressful transitions, experiencing stress due to immigration and acculturation, and families with children with serious mental health and health behavior challenges. Our intervention services can be implemented in public schools, the court system, welfare agencies, community mental health clinics, hospice, military services, and pediatric health care settings. We work collaboratively with organizations to assess their needs and tailor trainings accordingly. Continuing Education credits are available.

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Ambit Network

AMBIT Network helps communities use research-based prevention and intervention techniques to increase children’s ability to deal with trauma. In order to achieve these goals, Ambit partners with a variety of nonprofit, government, and community agencies to help them improve the care they offer to traumatized youth and families.

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