What is Bridges?
Bridges is an investment in your students’ future. In just a few sessions, middle school students and parents learn powerful skills to increase school engagement and success.
Real Families. Real Results.
Hear what parents and teens have to say about their experiences with Bridges.
  • How the Program Works

    Parents and teens attend sessions together.

    In Bridges, parent and teens work together to create lifelong success.

    Teens meet with teens.

    Guided by experienced leaders, teens explore their hopes for the future, practice skills to reach their goals, and learn to handle challenges in school and life.

    Parents meet with parents.

    Guided by experienced leaders, parents practice skills to motivate and support their teens.

The Ultimate Middle School Check-up for Parents
Bridges works like a check-up for parent and teens to learn what they are already doing well and what they can strengthen. It’s useful for all kinds of families. Whether teens are on a positive path or struggling in middle school, Bridges will help them thrive!
What Teachers Say About Bridges
Watch this video to hear teachers describe their experiences as Bridges group leaders
Success, Confidence, Happiness
Given the right opportunities and family support, teens develop confidence and motivation to stay on a positive path to high school and beyond.