The Relationship Dynamics study examines how alcohol use and drug use and abuse affect the formation and quality of young adult intimate relationships. Approximately 400 of the Project Alliance couples that cohabitate are interviewed, involved in videotaped interactions, and participate in momentary assessments for 1 year. Analyses will focus on understanding stability and change in alcohol use and drug use and abuse in early adulthood relative to changing relationships and activity lifestyles, in the context of developmental trajectories of problem behavior from early adolescence through adulthood. The study will inform the design of the Relationship Check-up and other interventions for use in a variety of service contexts-such as postsecondary education, social services, and the military- to support young adults navigation of complex issues of lifestyle and partner selection as they form families and long-term committed relationships. This study is funded by NIAAA and has potential impact on public health because it will improve understanding of the developmental origins and early Adult dynamic adaptations that underlie changes in alcohol and other drug use and the health of close relationships and families.

Investigators: Thomas Dishion (Arizona State University); Allison Caruthers and Krista Chronister (University of Oregon)


NIAAA Grant R01 AA022071-04. Relationship Dynamics and Young Adult Drug Use and Abuse.

Principal Investigator: T. Dishion. 2012-2017